Thursday, 20 January 2011

bound sissy assignment

my next assignment was this:-

2. Post 4 bound sissy pictures on your blog. You are to tell why you want to be bound this way and why. As you look for the pictures, I want you to remove one of your condoms and slide it on your finger. You will stand and finger fuck your pussy imagining that a strong dominant is behind you fingering your sissy pussy making you find these pics. Post the pics and the experience on your blog..

sissy is tied and still dressed, she knows that there is to be no relief while in tight bondage. the thrill of being tied and the frustration is something that sissy will just have to learn to live with

sissy has been disobedient and is to be punished, tied to the bed and utterly helpless. while at Mistress' mercy, sissy finds out that she is to have her clitty whipped......the thought of getting my clitty whipped fills me with terror and excitement

bound and helpless sissy has to watch through her gag as Mistress use's a fork on her clitty, Mistress has also used some pegs to clmp sissy, and later stabs at sissy clit with her heel. i would enjoy being bound and used like this, as long as it amused Mistress

frog-tied with shrink wrapwith her clitty exposed, sissy has hot candle wax dripped onto her clitty
i can't imagine how this would feel but i would so love to have a strong Mistress try it out on me

while i was looking for these pictures i had plced a condom on my middle finger and slowly eased it into my pussy. as i got more aroused i fingers my pussy harder and faster and this just made my clitty even harder and drip even more pre-cum. with my eye's closed i could imagine that Mistress was behind me and roughly finger fucking my tight pussy

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