Friday, 21 January 2011

gloryhole and video assignment

1. Tape your dildo inside your closet wall. Then you will dress in your sluttiest outfit with all of the trapings, lipstick, makeup. You will then bind your hands and kneel next to your dildo. I want you to run your tongue on the tip, then you will practice sucking it for 10 minutes. You will fantasize you've been tricked into being at a glory hole in an adult bookstore and your being forced to service this cock.  Blog about it.

As instructed, I taped my dildo onto the inside of my closet door, then I pushed the door closed, leaving the dildo sticking out. Next I showered, put on black stockings, black garter belt, matching lace bra and thong. Over this I wore a shirt red cocktail dress that showed my stocking tops, black strappy heels and slutty red lipstick finished the look.
I tied my hands behind me and knelt down in front of my dildo. With my eyes closed, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue until it touched the dildo. I began to lick at it and, as I dreamed about being in a gloryhole, I began to lick the shaft and slowly got to sucking it. I got faster and faster, taking as much of the dildo as I could in my mouth, I could imagine I was in the backroom of an adult store and sucking on a customers dick, blowing a ransom stranger and waiting for his cum. My clitty got hard and I could feel pre-cum dripping onto my legs and making a stain in the front of my slutty dress. My 10 minutes were up too quickly, and I stopped and cleaned the lipstick off my dildo

2. You are to put on your favourite pair of panties, get a condom and slide it over your dildo with your lips, get on your knees and push your dildo inside your sissy pussy. You are to watch this movie twice... then blog about the experience and how it made you feel...

I put on a pair of pink panties with a leopard print on them, got one of the condoms left over from my last condom task and set the laptop up. I clicked on the link and paused the video. Using my mouth, I slid the condom onto my dildo, put some lube onto it, eased my panties aside and slid the dildo into my eager pussy. I let the panties back into place and they held the dildo insie me. I got onto my knees and played the video. I couldn’t believe it, a masked sissy taking cock and sucking at the same time, it went on and then the changed position and his Mistress took him from behind while he went back to sucking cock. While his Mistress was fucking hi pussy, he came and she made him lick it all up like a good sissy. All this time my pussy was full of dildo and I was blushing as I couldn’t take my eye’s from the screen and my clitty was giving me away too. I was ashamed to feel so turned on but I also wanted to star in the same film.

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