Friday, 21 January 2011

gloryhole and video assignment

1. Tape your dildo inside your closet wall. Then you will dress in your sluttiest outfit with all of the trapings, lipstick, makeup. You will then bind your hands and kneel next to your dildo. I want you to run your tongue on the tip, then you will practice sucking it for 10 minutes. You will fantasize you've been tricked into being at a glory hole in an adult bookstore and your being forced to service this cock.  Blog about it.

As instructed, I taped my dildo onto the inside of my closet door, then I pushed the door closed, leaving the dildo sticking out. Next I showered, put on black stockings, black garter belt, matching lace bra and thong. Over this I wore a shirt red cocktail dress that showed my stocking tops, black strappy heels and slutty red lipstick finished the look.
I tied my hands behind me and knelt down in front of my dildo. With my eyes closed, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue until it touched the dildo. I began to lick at it and, as I dreamed about being in a gloryhole, I began to lick the shaft and slowly got to sucking it. I got faster and faster, taking as much of the dildo as I could in my mouth, I could imagine I was in the backroom of an adult store and sucking on a customers dick, blowing a ransom stranger and waiting for his cum. My clitty got hard and I could feel pre-cum dripping onto my legs and making a stain in the front of my slutty dress. My 10 minutes were up too quickly, and I stopped and cleaned the lipstick off my dildo

2. You are to put on your favourite pair of panties, get a condom and slide it over your dildo with your lips, get on your knees and push your dildo inside your sissy pussy. You are to watch this movie twice... then blog about the experience and how it made you feel...

I put on a pair of pink panties with a leopard print on them, got one of the condoms left over from my last condom task and set the laptop up. I clicked on the link and paused the video. Using my mouth, I slid the condom onto my dildo, put some lube onto it, eased my panties aside and slid the dildo into my eager pussy. I let the panties back into place and they held the dildo insie me. I got onto my knees and played the video. I couldn’t believe it, a masked sissy taking cock and sucking at the same time, it went on and then the changed position and his Mistress took him from behind while he went back to sucking cock. While his Mistress was fucking hi pussy, he came and she made him lick it all up like a good sissy. All this time my pussy was full of dildo and I was blushing as I couldn’t take my eye’s from the screen and my clitty was giving me away too. I was ashamed to feel so turned on but I also wanted to star in the same film.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

bound sissy assignment

my next assignment was this:-

2. Post 4 bound sissy pictures on your blog. You are to tell why you want to be bound this way and why. As you look for the pictures, I want you to remove one of your condoms and slide it on your finger. You will stand and finger fuck your pussy imagining that a strong dominant is behind you fingering your sissy pussy making you find these pics. Post the pics and the experience on your blog..

sissy is tied and still dressed, she knows that there is to be no relief while in tight bondage. the thrill of being tied and the frustration is something that sissy will just have to learn to live with

sissy has been disobedient and is to be punished, tied to the bed and utterly helpless. while at Mistress' mercy, sissy finds out that she is to have her clitty whipped......the thought of getting my clitty whipped fills me with terror and excitement

bound and helpless sissy has to watch through her gag as Mistress use's a fork on her clitty, Mistress has also used some pegs to clmp sissy, and later stabs at sissy clit with her heel. i would enjoy being bound and used like this, as long as it amused Mistress

frog-tied with shrink wrapwith her clitty exposed, sissy has hot candle wax dripped onto her clitty
i can't imagine how this would feel but i would so love to have a strong Mistress try it out on me

while i was looking for these pictures i had plced a condom on my middle finger and slowly eased it into my pussy. as i got more aroused i fingers my pussy harder and faster and this just made my clitty even harder and drip even more pre-cum. with my eye's closed i could imagine that Mistress was behind me and roughly finger fucking my tight pussy

sissy outfit assignment

i love these shoes, so femanine, they are the absolute must for me, mush more appropriatte than the slutty black strappy heels that i have worn before

this maids outfit is so suitable for me. it would make me feel like the submissive servant sissy that i am

i adore her hair and make-up! i would so love to be a blonde with such gorgeous make up and get some of the cock action that she would get.....

condom assignment

Condom assignment

2. You are to search the blogs and find two you like. I want the to be cocksucking blogs with pictures that excite you. You will leave comments for them in thier blog about how much you enjoy it. While you look at these blogs I want you to image your there and a big cock is right infront of you. Then I want you to put your dildo infront of the screen. Get three condoms and practice putting the condom on the cock with your mouth only. This is an imporatant sissy skill you must master. Then place it on your blog....

I found two blogs I liked, here are the links

earlier I had bought a pack of 6 condoms in case I damaged any. Whie I had a picture I liked on the screen I unwrapped a condom and put the teat in my mouth, holding it between my lips. The rubber tasted odd and felt very slippery to my lips. I held up the dildo and lowered my mouth onto it. Using my lips I began to unroll and slide the condom down the dildo while it slowly filled y mouth. It felt strange to have a rubber coverd dildo in filling my mouth, but also felt right. I did the same with the second one, taking a little longer this time and savouring the feeling of having my mouth filled by the strong tasting rubber. The third one tore, so I got a fourth out and tried again, I took it really slowly this time and with a struggle I got the codom covered dildo even further into my sissy mouth. As ususal I was hard throughout the tiem and my pre-cum had left a damp patch in my pale blue panties

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

first dildo assignment

1. This will be a challenging task for you. You are to get your dildo, lube it up and lay down on the bed. You will lay face down and move your panties to the side and slip your dildo in. You will then think of your favorite fantasy. You will use your hips to gently grind into the bed. I want your clitty to rub against your panties. This will bring you pleasure. I want you to do this for 15 minutes, and no you may not cum.  I want you to blog about this telling everyone how it made you feel and what you were fanasizing about.

As instructed, I got my blue 10” dildo and lay face down. I pulled my black lace panties to one side and eased the dildo into my pussy. I pushed it most of the way in and pulled my panties back across to keep it from sliding back out. I began to grind my clitty into the bed and it was instantly hard and dripping pre-cum, which quickly soaked my panties and left a damp patch on the bed.  I was thinking about the time a Domme used Her strap on in my pussy and fucked me hard and deep. The feeling on having my pussy full and my clitty being rubbed against the bed kept me hard and I felt a little ashamed as I realised I was making little gaping noise’s. I could feel myself blushing a I kept grinding away, only pausing to make sure I didn’t cum. The memory of being fucked and the feeling of having a full pussy kept me hard and kept the pre-cum almost pouring from my clitty. The 15 minutes seemed to be up so quickly, and I reluctantly stopped and removed the dildo. My pussy feels empty now and my clitty is still aroused as I type this out

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

next assignment

I was given a second assignment for today, I have repeated it below:-

2. I want you to bind your hands and get out your dildo. I want you to find a bondage movie that turns you on and watch it. With your hands bound I want you to place your dildo next to your clitty and stoke them both. Your dildo is bigger than your clitty and this should make you feel like a sissy. Stroke them both  for 15 minutes. Do NOT cum. Make a detailed blog entry on how this made you feel.

I found a video that I liked and put it on. I placed my 10 inch dildo on the chair and sat on it so my clitty rested on top of it. The dildo was two inch’s longer than my clitty. I tied my hands and watched video. I became hard straight away. Every time I looked down I could see the dildo was longer and thicker than me. with my clitty hood pulled back I could see my pre-cum nearly pouring out and getting smeared all over my hands, my clitty and my dildo. Everything was smeared with pre-cum and it was nearly running down my clitty and pooling into my red satin panties. my hands were covered as well but all I could think about was how small I looked compared to the blue dildo underneath. Even though I felt small a girly compared to it, I was still hard and it seemed that every second that another dribble of pre-cum appeared and got rubbed between my shaft and the dildo.

The video seemed to finish all too soon, and I stopped to write this. I’m still hard now and the front of my satin thong is sodden with pre-cum

4th assignment

I want you to create five captions of your own. Make them sexy and seductive. I want your clitty hard the entire time, and you may NOT cum. put them on your blog

here re my five captions